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Johnny J Media LLC is a Full service photography and content creation company that specializes in providing high-quality visual media for businesses and personal use. We help our clients take their Idea to the next level by creating content that is tailored to their needs.


Whether you are looking to create content for a website, social media page, or its just your birthday. Johnny and his team of experienced photographers can help you achieve your vision. Our goal is to help you reach your audiences through creative, captivating visuals.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Portrait photography

  • Event photography

  • Engagement photography

  • Family photography

  • Birthday photography

  • Corporate photography

  • Wedding photography

  • Product photography

  • Automotive photography

  • Video production

  • Audio production

  • Video editing

  • Instagram management service

  • Instagram reels

  • Tik Tok reels 


We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and the best possible return on their investment. We understand that each client has different needs, and we work with you to create a custom package that meets your specific requirements.

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